Ready To Start Living Your Best Life?

Join my 12 Week 1:1 Online Coaching Program and be part of a community of women who also finally made that change on their life.

Schedule a free consultation with me and I'll give you the first steps to feeling empowered and in control of your health and fitness.

Ready To Start Living Your Best Life?

Schedule a free 1-1 consultation with me and I'll give you the first steps to feeling empowered and in control of your fitness.

Meet your coach, Heather!


I'm a Women's Fitness Specialist and Pre & Postnatal Coach with over 10 years experience. My aim is to help all women to smash their health and fitness goals by implementing realistic and sustainable habits.

I have a very different approach when it comes to your fitness journey. I offer an approach that doesn't focus on the number on the scales and one that has helped hundreds of women to transform their lives. It doesn't matter whether you are a total beginner, advanced, pre or postnatal, I aim to inspire and empower all women. I don't believe in fad diets or cutting out your favourite foods. I'm a huge supporter of each and every one of my clients and will not only provide you with the support and accountability but also the knowledge and understanding as to WHY this approach works and how you can maintain it long term.

Let's do this!



Learn how to train and fuel your own body in a way that works for you.



Learn how to shift to a more positive and realistic mindset towards your health and fitness. 


Have the confidence and knowledge to take your training and nutrition to the next level wherever you go!

I Understand the Challenges and Pressures That Many Women Face.

A completely personalised approach to training and nutrition that empowers women to take control of their own health and fitness once and for all.


"I’m so happy I joined Heather’s online program, it has really helped me get back in a healthy routine and fall back in love with exercise. I have felt such a positive difference and I already know I will be extending once my program is up. If you are lucky enough to live in Hong Kong and have access to Heather’s boot camps, they’re also AMAZING and fit well with the PT program."


"Cannot recommend Heather as a PT highly enough. Started training with her 5 years ago and I have been delighted with the service that she provides as well as the results. She constantly changes the routine to keep you motivated and to make sure that she targets the areas you want to work on. Heather pours her heart and soul into making sure you feel as good as you can even tuning in on your favourite songs to give you that push when it feels like you cannot carry on! If you want a trainer who cares and will get the very best out of you every time, choose HKM Fitness!"

"I came to Heather with a clear goal in mind – one of weight loss for my upcoming wedding vow renewal. However, over the months, it has turned into so much more than just losing a bit of weight. Heather not only listens to your individual needs but motivates you to be the best you can be. After 6 months, I feel like a new person. Thanks to Heather, her encouragement and positiveness surrounding health and fitness, I'm able to show my daughters what it looks like to be strong and to lead an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you're looking to make some big changes in your life, both physically and mentally, I highly recommend you contact Heather. She's amazing!"

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