12 weeks for you to invest in yourself and start living your best life!

Throughout this program you will be given all the tools to build a stronger, healthier & happier version of yourself by understanding how to implement habits that will completely transform your life in more ways than you could ever imagine. 

Check out these testimonials to see how others have transformed their lives! 

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What does it include?

- 12 week strength training program (home or gym)

- Personalised calorie and protein target tailored to your specific goal

- Weekly 1:1 Zoom check in with Heather to discuss your progress throughout the programme

- ⁠Daily 1:1 support from Heather via WhatsApp 

- Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions

- ⁠Weekly Group Zoom workout

⁠- Access to the the HKM Fitness Coaching Library where you will find a range of different health and fitness topics and videos to help expand your knowledge and understanding (e.g. menstrual cycle, sleep, motivation, nutrition etc)

- Weekly assessments (weight, measurements and photos)

- Access to the HKM Fitness Coaching training app where you will have access to your exercise programme and weekly assessments 

- Personalised habit & goal tracker designed to keep you accountable 

- Daily step goal

- Help and guidance on how to specifically train as a woman (adapting training and nutrition if needed around your menstrual cycle, perimenopause or menopausal symptoms)

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I’m Heather, a qualified Women's Fitness Specialist, Pre & Postnatal Coach and Accredited Menopause Advocate. My goal is to help ALL women achieve their health and fitness goals through realistic and sustainable habits. 

"Heather has designed such a brilliant programme for women - it is amazing! I learnt a lot about nutrition, and the different food groups that help sustain me - it was very enlightening. It was also so good to know that being on such a programme does not mean having to cut out treats or pleasures! The workouts designed was suited to my needs and my ability, and I was able to fit this in flexibly to my schedule. The programme felt really manageable in terms of time and made me really re-think what I was prioritising in my life. Has been a great wake-up call for me - so thank you!" 

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